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Commission: Vaniraa by hitsukuya Commission: Vaniraa by hitsukuya

Commission for :iconvaniraa:

We have twin OC's ^///^;; Was given a list of themes to choose from and I went with tea party cause... Tea is my life. Eep, please don't focus on the perspective ////// Colouring style got influenced by Anmi on pixiv ><

I receive a number of notes enquiring about commissions and I'm sorry, but I don't really know what to say (!) Yes, I take commissions (from time-to-time) but I don't particularly LOVE them. I mainly enjoy drawing whatever comes to mind, so I basically only take commissions that interest me and I think will be fun to work on, which means I don't get back to/decline a lot of people. It's a bit boring to mainly work on fullbody commissions without backgrounds since I get no practice in an area of my art that needs it (backgrounds). I don't mean to sound rude or ungrateful! I'm simply a lazy/particular artists who draws for fun, this is my hobby at the end of the day.

Edit: Wow, thank you for the DD! I didn't expect it after being absent from DA for so long////


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Daily Deviation

Given 2014-08-22
Commission: Vaniraa by hitsukuya just melts your heart away with all the little things shown in this fairylike scene.

Also suggested by Kida-neechan ( Suggested by Kaze-Ki and Featured by cinyu )
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December 6, 2013
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